Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors Walkthrough Part 1 [Android/IOS] Tencent MMORPG Gameplay

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[Android/IOS] Dragon Ball Strongers Warriors (龙珠最强之战) #1 — by Tencent Gameplay



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  1. Gaming Mobile говорит

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    1. Messi Lee говорит

      I download and install already but stuck at loading screen.. Any1 have solution?

    2. Tana Jina говорит

      i like this game

    3. Tana Jina говорит

      i like this game

    4. Mohamed sadeq USAMA говорит

      @Jamie en Brent just downlod it and go to ur downlods app and find it and install it

    5. Jamie en Brent говорит

      How do u set up the game?

  2. ender gamer45 говорит

    Why does Japan has to get good dragon ball mobile games

    1. Rochelle Villafuerte говорит

      @theglassyrabbit clan dude read the comment he was talking bout the game not the actual series think before you send

    2. Rochelle Villafuerte говорит

      @the batman bruh you got tp be trolling that question is so dumb

    3. Comment говорит

      Because of communism

    4. Rochelle Villafuerte говорит

      @theglassyrabbit clan hes talking about the game not series read the comment

    5. Rochelle Villafuerte говорит

      @the batman are you dumb cause your question is dumb as heck learn geography and culture you uneducated

  3. JustPlayinYT говорит

    Been so long since I’ve watched Dragon Ball that I completely forgot goku’s outfit was originally blue before he trained under roshi.

  4. Faraz Tahir говорит

    this game literally came out of nowhere how am i so late to this WTF it’s a lit game too

    1. Whitelistkid говорит


    2. Dude128, Im gay since Im replying to your comment. говорит

      Lester Rodrigue not cool just cuz i wasnt early wtf

    3. Lester Rodriguez говорит

      @Dude128, Im gay since Im replying to your comment. that anit cool man

    4. Dude128, Im gay since Im replying to your comment. говорит

      im later than juice wrld

  5. You Tube говорит

    Why every good game has to be online??!! Can’t the devs add an offline mode in their games!!!!!
    I’ve had too much of this «online only» feature!

    1. your boi bleach говорит

      @Vermil FlowZ ok ill admit I was wrong on there but my point on why online is needed still stands

    2. Vermil FlowZ говорит

      @your boi bleach heh, that’s explain it. Let me explain this to you, since you didn’t knew anything about turning your internet off when playing games.

      Whenever you play a game, a online game. You needed a internet connection, when you turn that off when youre playing the game(unless youre in a pvp match) it’ll not disconnect you from the game. It’ll take a couple of minutes before the game itself detects that there are no internet anymore.

      And yet youre here, telling me that I’m whinning, while you didn’t even know why does that happen? This is a online game, no matter how you change it. It will always be a online game. Go do yourself a favor, learn more things about this game before telling me to stop whinning😉

    3. your boi bleach говорит

      @Vermil FlowZ I haven’t tried that but assuming it didn’t disconnect when I turned on airplane mode Im guessing you can

    4. Vermil FlowZ говорит

      @your boi bleach can you start the game without any internet connection?

    5. your boi bleach говорит

      @Vermil FlowZ I can run story mode completely without my wifi (used airplane mode to test it out) the game isn’t forcing you to play with other players so stop whining about it just because your not good enough to face against other players besides they need online mode thats what keeps the game replayability that keeps the userbase alive therefore making them money

  6. Suminao Shinjo говорит

    Why does china gets the most coolest anime games ever

    1. Fallpopcorn говорит

      @Padhil Tazali ahahhahaa

    2. DELET0 BLUE говорит

      @Padhil Tazali IKR

    3. Padhil Tazali говорит

      gaming world well dude the comment you reply is obviously for the game not the anime. So why in the blue hell you bring the anime here. Everybody and their mama know that Dragon Ball from Japan

    4. gaming world говорит

      @Padhil Tazali well dude I was talking about the anime not game

    5. Padhil Tazali говорит

      @gaming world this game develop by Chinese company and you can see the the Chinese sub in the video. It’s for Chinese market

  7. KyuMazu говорит

    Damn this is pretty lit… N..not because of bulma =3=

  8. Austin Kniga-Bartlett говорит

    Must be a mobile version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

  9. Raditya Kusumo Putro говорит

    official released or CBT ?

    1. YePis Animations говорит

      Official but it will never be on at store it’s only for china

  10. - Vee - говорит

    Love the way they implement cutscenes in this, really smooth. Hopefully we get a english version, i don’t mind waiting lol

    1. RaddyVexx Gamez говорит

      True dat buddy

    2. Rochelle Villafuerte говорит

      @gallo27 Playz the game is chinese the audios are japanese

    3. Prince Vegeta говорит

      @gallo27 Playz The game is in Chinese you dumbfuck the Audio is in Japanese though.

    4. Jaye Lp говорит

      gallo27 Playz game is chinese

    5. Flariux HFTF говорит

      gallo27- TheOmniGodOfPurityLight the game is chinese, the voice acting is Japanese

  11. Lover Ho говорит

    5:26 she hit him so hard the fish de-spawned next scene

  12. Hyperion говорит

    This game is going to burn through my battery so fast!

  13. Tony Knight говорит

    This is what global needs not no legends and dokkan. This exact type of dbz I dream about on mobile n of course we probably won’t ever get it. 😒😫

    1. Rochelle Villafuerte говорит

      Why are you hating on legends its a great game

    2. Hoaxbuster говорит

      For someone that doesn’t really like gacha games legends and dokkan are not fun. It doesn’t depend on how good you are at the game, it depends on how good your characters are.

    3. Adil Ahmetovic говорит

      @Hexa Fire cheap,hahahahaha wtf

    4. C4mpyGames говорит

      Legends is good

    5. KeeperOfTwoDucks говорит

      I answer how you can get it apks from Google

  14. elijah ford говорит

    I want this game so so so bad in English!!!!!.

    1. E говорит

      hey Elijah

    2. Phoenix GTX говорит

      el texto en ingles si pero las voces no gracias xD

    3. Xxastag-Kun говорит

      @Matias Agüero :3 👍👍

    4. F.B.I open up говорит


    5. ALOFC говорит

      Y si mejor en español :v

  15. tayyoufunny TTV говорит

    Man why another good dB game I will never get to play

    1. chronosmain говорит

      @The WindyREDPanda qooapp does t have it

    2. The WindyREDPanda говорит

      Google Qooapp.

    3. flashergoldpower15 говорит

      O Meo maybe can play it one day in about three years.

    4. no говорит

      my phone is shiiiiiiit

    5. Hans Vader говорит

      @muhammad uzair copyright^^

  16. Sonikku The Hedgehog говорит

    Well, im packing up and goin to china

  17. Two9's говорит

    Oh this remind me of «Dragon Ball Z Sagas» I hope they bring this to the PS console

  18. Tachibana говорит

    This Game Like A Ragnarok Enternal Love!!

  19. Alcpaca говорит

    wow, diablo 4 looks a lot different than the previous games

    1. Rodly 125 говорит

      @SushiDelux — your the dumbshit

    2. Lil Default говорит

      Dan Gamer r/woooosh

    3. Ayanle Mohamed говорит

      @SushiDelux — Lmao. He was making a joke.

    4. Dan Gamer говорит

      Its dragon ball cant you read the title

  20. the punisher говорит

    This how legacy of of goku 4 could be for Nintendo switch

    1. Call me whatever говорит

      Of of

    2. MR Anime говорит

      Legacy of Goku this name sure brings back memories

    3. Giuseppe Angelino говорит

      Considering the hardware, NS could surely handle more than that. Well, it already has Xenoverse 2 and Fighter Z so i think no more talking about that. Oh i’m not a Nintendo Fanboy, i’ve never had a Nintendo console xD. Just saying

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